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We are an age-integrated, mentorship-based, private Christian school where students have the liberty to pursue their individual interests
in the context of loving God and others.


Rather than conceptualizing our fundamental values as “rights”, as something to be demanded from others, we have conceptualized them as “freedoms”, as something to be exercised on behalf of others.


We believe that life is to be lived as a series of incremental improvements – that it is desirable and good for our minds, bodies, and souls to be better off today than they were yesterday.


More than merely a fact, the gospel of Jesus constitutes a metafact, a foundational reality that is the context within which all other reality is experienced and interpreted.


Learn Love and Liberty

The Truly Free School serves pre-k, kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school students in Peoria and northwest Phoenix. We founded the Truly Free School to give expression to the belief that children learn best when they are passionately pursuing their individual interests, and that such learning best takes place when surrounded by a supportive community of peers and mentors, jointly seeking to love God and others in all they do.

Students at the Truly Free School learn by experience that it is the highest and best expression of their humanity to simultaneously walk in love and liberty – not using their freedom to harm others, but being free to love and serve. Embracing this model allows students to flourish in their creativity, problem solving, relationships, resource management, decision making, and perseverance.

Please take a look at our Educational Philosophy to learn some more about what we believe.

  • Basic Freedoms

    Each member of the Truly Free School is governed by 6 Basic Freedoms.

    As long as it is an expression of love for God and love for others, you are free to:


We are so excited to have people on our team that embrace and believe in the Truly Free model of education.
Please get to know us! We would like to get to know you!
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Todd Spencer

Founder and Mentor
“I believe that kids learn most deeply when they are free to pursue their own individual interests, and I’m committed to fostering an environment where this vision can be a reality!”
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Erin Spencer

“Hi there! I’m Erin, and I’m one of the Mentors at the Truly Free School. I love seeing students learn to love learning!”
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Jeff McFadden

“I have always learned best when given the chance to chase my passions, as opposed to conforming to the rigid curriculum of a traditional environment.”
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Dane Cudd

“Education is not only about discovering information about the world around you, but it is also about the discovery of who you are . . . who God created you to be.”