2017-2018 Tuition Four days per week: $581/month ($5,229/year) Three days per week: $499/month ($4,491/year) Two days per week: $429/month $(3,861/year) With our Flexible Scheduling, you can choose the number of days per week that is right for your family.  Please also take a look at our Scholarships to see the significant ways AZ law encourages and supports[…]


School Calendar

2017-2018 School Year September 5, 2017 – May 24, 2018 M-Th, 8:00a-3:00p Holidays August 31: Staff Training October 9: Columbus Day October 19: Fall Break November 22 – November 23: Thanksgiving December 4: Staff training December 18 – January 4: Christmas January 15: Martin Luther King Day February 19: Presidents’ Day March 5: Staff Training March[…]


Erin Spencer

“Hi there! I’m Erin, and I’m one of the Mentors at the Truly Free School. I love seeing students learn to love learning!” During Erin’s time as a Sociology major (pre-med) at Wheaton College, she was active in the residence life community as a Resident Assistant and Assistant Resident Director, serving a floor of 50[…]


Todd Spencer

“Hi there! My name is Todd, and I’m the founder of the Truly Free School.  I believe that kids learn best when they are free to pursue their own individual interests, and I’m committed to fostering an environment where this vision can be a reality.” In addition to homeschooling his four kids alongside his wife, Erin, Todd has taught music, sports,[…]

Jeff McFadden

Jeff McFadden

“Hi, I’m Jeff, one of the Directors of the Truly Free School! I have always learned best when given the chance to chase my passions, as opposed to conforming to the rigid curriculum of a traditional environment. In fact, I left high school early to pursue those interests, and I am excited to see others[…]



What is it that is “truly free” about the Truly Free School? Some might say that it is freedom from intrusive government regulations about the scope, sequence, and standards required by state and national laws. Others might say that it is freedom from the stifling sameness imposed on dramatically different students locked into identical courses of study.[…]