Basic Freedom: Learn

monitor2As long as it is an expression of love for God and love for others, you are free to:

The Truly Free School honors the impulse of students to learn about the immeasurable variety and complexity of God’s creation by not minimizing or downplaying certain unglamorous or unpopular topics, but recognizing and affirming that anything that is true about the universe is true because God has made it so, and is a reflection of his infinite power, and is therefore worth learning.  As a society, we have come to value certain domains of learning over and above other domains, but this cultural (or sometimes budgetary) preference toward particular subjects should not limit the scope of what a student is able to freely pursue.

At the Truly Free School, we believe that every topic or field of study is valuable and limitless: valuable, because anything that can be learned is worth learning if it is used as a means of increasing love for God and love for others; and limitless, because anything that is able to be learned has depths that can never be fathomed – since God is infinite in his creative power, no component of his creation can be exhaustively known or understood, and we will always be growing and deepening in our understanding of the world around us, and of God himself.  We want children to learn the fundamentals, but in a way that is not unnecessarily abstracted from everyday experience, and in a way that acknowledges the infinitude of what can be understood.