Arizona law has several school choice provisions allowing students to receive scholarships to attend private schools. The first method is the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA), which is essentially a voucher program designed to give parents funds to choose the schooling option that is the best for their child.  Students must meet certain qualifications, such as: entering[…]


Primary Program

Students at the Truly Free School are responsible for setting meaningful, long-term goals for themselves, as well as setting a daily schedule and planning activities in order to achieve those goals.  For older students, this type of work is challenging and valuable, but younger students have a much more difficult time conceptualizing and articulating meaningful,[…]


Flexible Scheduling

Since the Truly Free School does not uniformly impose standardized classes and coursework on every student, but each student has liberty to schedule their own curricular path based on their specific interests, this means that students who do not attend on a given day will not be in danger of missing a critical lesson on a certain topic, or[…]



[For pre-k through early elementary students, please see our Primary Program.] It has become common for schools and school systems to follow a course of study (a curriculum) that is common for all students in each age range, irrespective of the interests, strengths, skills, or abilities of any one child.  This method simply tells students what[…]



2017-2018 Tuition Four days per week: $581/month ($5,229/year) Three days per week: $499/month ($4,491/year) Two days per week: $429/month $(3,861/year) With our Flexible Scheduling, you can choose the number of days per week that is right for your family.  Please also take a look at our Scholarships to see the significant ways AZ law encourages and supports[…]


School Calendar

2017-2018 School Year September 5, 2017 – May 24, 2018 M-Th, 8:00a-3:00p Holidays August 31: Staff Training October 9: Columbus Day October 19: Fall Break November 22 – November 23: Thanksgiving December 4: Staff training December 18 – January 4: Christmas January 15: Martin Luther King Day February 19: Presidents’ Day March 5: Staff Training March[…]