Question the Premise

Overview This article explains the “Question the Premise” method of thinking, which often leads to creative solutions for problems. It is a specific application of Edward DeBono’s “Provocative Operation” lateral thinking technique.  We use “Question the Premise” at Truly Free School as we consider the administrative aspects of running the school, as well as training students[…]


Primary Program

Students at the Truly Free School are responsible for setting meaningful, long-term goals for themselves, as well as setting a daily schedule and planning activities in order to achieve those goals.  For older students, this type of work is challenging and valuable, but younger students have a much more difficult time conceptualizing and articulating meaningful,[…]


Learning The Fundamentals

When parents first hear that students at the Truly Free School have liberty to pursue their own educational interests, the question often arises: “How do students learn the fundamentals, like reading, writing, and mathematics?”  First, it is important to note that children are created by God to be learners – that they have an irrepressible[…]


Basic Freedom: Learn

As long as it is an expression of love for God and love for others, you are free to: Play Create Think Relate Speak LEARN The Truly Free School honors the impulse of students to learn about the immeasurable variety and complexity of God’s creation by not minimizing or downplaying certain unglamorous or unpopular topics, but recognizing[…]


Flexible Scheduling

Since the Truly Free School does not uniformly impose standardized classes and coursework on every student, but each student has liberty to schedule their own curricular path based on their specific interests, this means that students who do not attend on a given day will not be in danger of missing a critical lesson on a certain topic, or[…]



[For pre-k through early elementary students, please see our Primary Program.] It has become common for schools and school systems to follow a course of study (a curriculum) that is common for all students in each age range, irrespective of the interests, strengths, skills, or abilities of any one child.  This method simply tells students what[…]



What is it that is “truly free” about the Truly Free School? Some might say that it is freedom from intrusive government regulations about the scope, sequence, and standards required by state and national laws. Others might say that it is freedom from the stifling sameness imposed on dramatically different students locked into identical courses of study.[…]