Erin Spencer

“Hi there! I’m Erin, and I’m one of the Mentors at the Truly Free School. I love seeing students learn to love learning!” During Erin’s time as a Sociology major (pre-med) at Wheaton College, she was active in the residence life community as a Resident Assistant and Assistant Resident Director, serving a floor of 50[…]


Todd Spencer

“Hi there! My name is Todd, and I’m the founder of the Truly Free School.  I believe that kids learn best when they are free to pursue their own individual interests, and I’m committed to fostering an environment where this vision can be a reality.” In addition to homeschooling his four kids alongside his wife, Erin, Todd has taught music, sports,[…]

Jeff McFadden

Jeff McFadden

“Hi, I’m Jeff, one of the Directors of the Truly Free School! I have always learned best when given the chance to chase my passions, as opposed to conforming to the rigid curriculum of a traditional environment. In fact, I left high school early to pursue those interests, and I am excited to see others[…]