Flexible Scheduling

paletteSince the Truly Free School does not uniformly impose standardized classes and coursework on every student, but each student has liberty to schedule their own curricular path based on their specific interests, this means that students who do not attend on a given day will not be in danger of missing a critical lesson on a certain topic, or of “falling behind” in an expected level of competence.  Each family and each student can plan a pace that is suitable to them, which means that families with flexible schedules can be easily accommodated by the Truly Free School structure.

Many families that believe in the values of the Truly Free School currently homeschool their children, and are looking for a middle ground between five (or seven!) days per week homeschooling and five days per week at a private / charter / public school.  Some families will feel it is best to only have their children attend the Truly Free School for three days per week, in order to get more time with them at home, or to to take consistently longer weekend trips, or to plan around special events.  Because the Truly Free School curriculum is centered on each individual student’s goals and objectives, they can continue to work on accomplishing activities related to their goals even when they are not at school.

Not only does the flexibility in scheduling benefit families in organizing their calendars, but it also benefits their budget, as well! Please see how our tuition is flexed downwards for students with flexible schedules.