What is it that is “truly free” about the Truly Free School? Some might say that it is freedom from intrusive government regulations about the scope, sequence, and standards required by state and national laws. Others might say that it is freedom from the stifling sameness imposed on dramatically different students locked into identical courses of study.  Still others might claim that it is freedom for kids to express themselves in their own way, not bound by societal expectations or conventions.

But true freedom runs deeper than all of that.  More than simply the passive removal of oppressive forces or behavioral restrictions, true freedom is active, propelling someone forward, making them free to serve the needs of others, to love those that are not lovely, to put the interests of others above their own.  True freedom enables someone to give generously to others, not grudgingly or under compulsion, but cheerfully. True freedom reorients someone to the supremacy of God’s judgment, to release them from the artificial bonds of being judged by others.

At the Truly Free School, we want your child to experience this type of freedom, the freedom to love without expecting something in return.  Rather than conceptualizing our fundamental values as “rights”, as something to be demanded from others, we have conceptualized them as “freedoms”, as something to be exercised on behalf of others:

As long as it is an expression of love for God and love for others, you are free to: