Improvement-mindedAt the Truly Free School, we believe that life is to be lived as a series of incremental improvements – that it is desirable and good for our minds, bodies, and souls to be better off today than they were yesterday.  Sometimes our life circumstances are such that stagnation and decline are unavoidable, but as far as it depends on us, we will strive to run the race of life with ever-increasing strength, vigor, and purpose.  This mindset is manifest in everything that we do, from ongoing mentor training, to more effective administrative processes, to more meaningful student interactions.

Most significantly, being improvement-minded plays itself out in the way the students and mentors interact.  Based on their life goals, each student collaboratively makes a plan for what activities they will pursue in order to achieve their desired outcomes.  Every day, the mentors and students engage with each other on the basis of these self-identified goals, in order to help the students see connections between their short-term actions and the corresponding long-term results.  All the while, both students and mentors are considering whether and to what degree these goals and activities are being fulfilled, and are an expression of love for God and love for others.  Also, if it becomes apparent over time that certain goals and activities are leading down the road to increased selfishness and pride, changes can be made to either the tasks or the underlying attitudes, in order to grow ever more toward love and effective living for the sake of others.