Arizona law has several school choice provisions allowing students to receive scholarships to attend private schools. The first method is the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA), which is essentially a voucher program designed to give parents funds to choose the schooling option that is the best for their child.  Students must meet certain qualifications, such as: entering kindergarten; attending a public or charter school for 100 days of the prior school year and entering grades 1, 6, or 9, or while following an IEP or 504 plan; or having been a part of the Arizona foster care system.  If the student qualifies, the entire cost of tuition at Truly Free School can be covered.  Siblings of qualified applicants who are transferring from public schools are also eligible, so your entire family can move together! Please fill out an application today! (The law was updated in the spring of 2017, so students who qualify under some of the newest provisions may not be able to apply until August 9, 2017.)

Alternatively, we are partnering with the Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization (ACSTO) to administer and award scholarships for our students, through Arizona’s tax credit laws.

Our desire is that your children would be able to attend the school, and this is a great tool to help them!  The AZ tax credit law allows individuals to make financial contributions to school tuition organizations (STOs) to award scholarships to private school students, and Arizona will grant a tax credit in return for that donation when the individual files their tax return. This means that it is possible for donors to pay the same out-of-pocket amount as before, but the money is going where they choose rather than where the state chooses! In order to be considered for a scholarship, please fill out an application for your student!

Students who receive ESA funds cannot simultaneously receive STO funds, and vice versa, and cannot attend public or charter schools.