Support Us

img_5689We’re so grateful for the wonderful support we’ve received over the years from our friends and family.  Thank you!  If you’re interested in continuing to support Truly Free School as we engage in gospel-centered, freedom-founded, improvement-minded education, please consider the following methods:

Amazon Smile
For those of you who already shop on Amazon, you can have Amazon automatically make a donation to Truly Free School every time you check out, by using each time you shop. This is free for you, and benefits the school directly!

AZ Tax Credits
For those of you who pay Arizona state taxes, you can get a tax credit for 100% of the amount donated (up to certain limits; see ACSTO for details) towards student scholarships at the Truly Free School!

School Supplies
We are constantly on the lookout for learning materials, resources, tools, games, and supplies that would benefit our students.  Check out our wishlist for some fun ideas!

Please consider writing a positive review of Truly Free School on GoogleFacebook, or Nextdoor to help families who don’t have a personal connection with the school learn about our quality education!

Direct Donation
Truly Free School is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity, which means that any donations to the school are deductible for federal income tax purposes. You can give fee-free via Paypal.